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There are just many different reasons for domain names to expire every day. Some people might think that those domain names don’t have any use for them anymore. However, they can be a source of money as well. So, here at Buycom Domain we have expiring/expired domains list you can search and find. However, you need to determine first what type of expired domains you want to choose for each type has its own way for you to buy.

First, there is pre-release domain name. It is the one that has not been renewed yet by the owner before expired. It is also sold in an auction by its registrar. To buy this kind of expired domains, you need to acquire it from the source of its auction by contacting the registrar.

Second, there is closeout-domain name. This too has not been yet renewed before expired. However, it is not bought in pre-release auction and is sold at discounted BIN price. Furthermore, this type of expired domains can be acquired only by contacting the source of its BIN.

Third, there is on hold domain name in which it is not yet renewed before expired as well and is in “registry/registrar hold” status. To buy expired domains like this, you should contact the owner instead. You can buy it from them once its registration has been renewed.
Fourth, it is redemption period domain name which is also not yet renewed by the owner.
But, this one has also been in “redemption period” status. As for the way to buy it, it is just the exact same way as the previous type of expired domains.

Fifth, it is dropping or pending delete domain name. This kind of expiring domains is not yet renewed and is also scheduled to be deleted from the registry. You need to use backorder service to effectively acquire it.

Last, it is deleted domain name. It is simply the one that has been deleted from registry. For this one, you can acquire it just like how you do to regular unregistered domain name. There you have it.

Those are the types you need to decide when you want to buy one. We, Buycom Domain, are here as an easy-to-use expired domain name search engine. We help you to find them with keywords, traffics, brandable name, and SEO data metrics. Our expiring/expired domains list updated daily. We can get you the expired domain names quick. We have all information you need for expired domains.

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