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Domain Flipping Guide: Make Money by Buying and Selling Domain Names

Complete Guide Domain Flipping

There are a lot of ways to make extra cash by online business. One of them is domain flipping, which only requires you to buying and selling domain names.

This business is very popular since it requires no hard work and difficult tricks. On the other hand, you will make good money or even great profits.

Most of the online businesses like affiliation program or online shop would ask for a huge effort. You need to make a keyword research, designing and building the website, creating high-quality contents, and SEO optimization.

However, it does not guarantee you to get what you have been expected from the start. The competition is tough and rough when it comes to the internet that can be accessed globally.

In domain flipping business, you will not be bothered with things above. Besides, those things will also waste your time, energy, and money.

You just need to find and buy the good domain names, after that, you can sell it to the right buyer. The price can be 10 up to 1000 times greater.

Isn’t it interesting?

Read this article till the last word if you want to be a successful domain flipper!


What is Domain Flipping?


Domain Flipping or buying and selling domain names is a business method where you search and buy domains with the fairly low price. Meanwhile, you can resell it to buyers who need it with the higher price.

Almost all people in this world especially who make money from online business understand the term of “domain name”. Domain name is a unique name to identify a server address like website or email that can be accessed through the internet connection.

People who do online business and want to build their websites for marketing their products or services will definitely need the domain name as the location or address where the prospective buyers could access their products.

According to a report from Verisign in July 2017, there are more than 330 million domains that have been registered and 1.3 million of them were registered during the first quarter of 2017.

The number is possibly rising from time to time. This is why the availability of domain name is getting limited.

Many online businessmen find it hard to get the suitable domain for their business just because other people already owned it. This condition creates the opportunity for getting great profits from domain flipping business.

You also have the opportunity to get thousand dollars income by buying and selling domain names.

But how is it?

Really, you will find out the guide and interesting tips in this article.

You may worry that this business cannot be profitable. But first, take a look the screenshot below:

highest price of domain sales 2017

The picture above is a list of domains that have been sold with the highest price from early 2017 up to October 2017. If you want to see the most updated data and information, you can visit the source directly at

This is so interesting, isn’t it?

The table above shows that the domain names can be the profitable investment.

There are a lot of domain sellers out there who have been succeeded to reach huge profit. They sell their domains with the higher price, far higher than the initial price when they bought the domain.

In order to get the maximum result, you need several strategies. It should be started by looking for a good domain, buy it and then find the right buyers.

Domain flipping business is similar to property business. In property business, we buy a property in a strategic area that is wanted by many people. Then we sell the property to the buyers with the higher price.

It is also applied to the buying and selling domain names business. The domain name is like a strategic location on the internet. It will be the good place for us to put the online business so the consumers can find it easily.

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Choosing Good Domain Names for Resell


So, what kind of domain that will be attractive enough for many people to buy and get the high price?

Below we have several tips that can be applied when it comes to choosing and buying domain names to resell that can give you great profit.


1. Find short domain names


Short domain name is more likable and wanted by many people. It also promises the high price if you sell it.

Maximum 4 characters

For example, in June 2017 was sold for USD 50,700 through Sedo.

Most of the .com domains that consist of 4 letters or usually get a high price to sell. This kind of domain is very popular, especially in China.

The other example, in 2010 Facebook bought with fantastic price as much as USD 8.5 million. The American Farm Bureau Federation was the former owner of the domain.

1 or 2 words

Ali Zandi, a professional of domain flipping industry, had sold a one-word domain name called for USD 2 million in May 2017.

Another example, was sold for USD 2,600 and was also sold for USD 20,593 in October 2017.

Even sold for a huge price at USD 2.75 million in 2000. This is fantastic, right?


2. Easy to spell and memorable


Do not buy domain names that are hard to pronounce and spell. It is important to pick domain names that are easy to spell and easy to remember.

Just like the real world, the easy-to-find location is a great and strategic location to start a business. Other than that, the consumers can easily find your store.

This term is also applied in the online world. If you use the domain name that is easy to remember, a business will be easier to be accessed.

According to the fact, the company owner or internet marketer always want a domain name that is easy to remember and spell for their websites.


3. Choose brandable domain names


A brand-able name is the domain name that if you pronounce it then it will sound like a certain brand from a product or business.

There are many examples like,,, and many more.

You can visit BrandBucket to find out more about other examples. There are a lot of brand-able domain names available for sale on the website.

Brandable Domain Names BrandBucket

Many people who just started a business or company that launched new products are willing to buy these types of domains no matter how much the price is. It is needed for their products branding.

Use your imagination and creativity ability to find domain names that would be suitable and great for a brand of a product or company name.


4. Contains keyword


Almost all website owners want the domain name that contains the keywords that are still related to their website’s topic.

Because of that, the domain that contains certain keywords will have great opportunity to be sold at a fantastic price.

Other than that, the selling process will be a lot much easier because you can find the targeted buyer or end user just by the keyword in the domain name.

What kind of keyword that would be great for domain flipping?

• It has the highest number of searches
• It has high CPC (cost-per-click) like insurance, properties, hotels, etc.

Try Google Keyword Planner to find out the keywords that get high monthly searches volume and CPC.

You can also see the competition level of each keyword. Find the keyword with high competition because it means that many people will be willing to pay for the ads in Google Adwords for those keywords.


5. Aged domains that have traffic and good SEO metrics


Using an expired domain that has backlinks and traffic is one of the great and popular SEO strategies applied by the webmaster.

The SEO experts use this method in several ways, such as:

• Directly using it for main site or the money site
• Building PBN that later will be linked to the main website
• Redirect 301, especially the expired domain that has high traffic so visitors will be redirected to the money site

By using domain search tool from you can easily find the aged domains that has traffic and SEO metrics like DA, PA, TF, CF, backlink, etc.


6. Focus on the popular extension like .com


Actually, there are a lot of domains with an extension other than .com that have been sold at the high price, more than the standard price.

But, if you are new in domain flipping business then you better put your focus on the .com extension.


It is because the .com extension is undeniably the most popular. Most of the website owners look for it, and of course, it will be more easily to resell as well.


7. Geographic domains for local business


In recent years, the searching number in search engine with a location-based query is growing very fast on the internet.

For example, “cheap hotels in Miami” or “car rental New York” that each of them has about 27,000 searches per month on Google search engine, according to the Google Keyword Planner.

The hotel owners in Miami will be interested to have a domain name like, or etc.

This thing becomes the main reason of why the geographic domain names are highly preferred and profitable as well.

In 2013, was sold for USD 38,250. Even a long domain name that consists of 24 characters, was sold for USD 42,000 in 2012 via Sedo.

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How to Sell Domain Name


After you buy and own domains, now it is the time for you to resell it to get profit.

Selling the domain is not too hard for sure. You just need the right strategies to make it sold fast and at the high price.

Below, we have some strategies that can be applied.


1. Submit your domain names on several marketplace and forums


There are a lot of marketplaces where you can list your domain name to sell. Choose several trusted marketplaces.

We will recommend GoDaddy Auction for your first place. This is one of the most popular companies on the internet in nowadays.

Do not be listing your domain names in only one place. It is better if you list on other marketplaces too.

By that, your domain will be seen by more prospective buyers. It makes bigger opportunity to sell the domain names for more money.

Below the list of the marketplaces where you can try to sell your domain names.

  • GoDaddy Auction
  • Sedo
  • Afternic
  • Flippa
  • BrandBucket, for a brand-able domain name

Other than in marketplaces, you can also sell your domain in a website forum like,, and

Do not forget to read and follow the terms and conditions of each marketplace or forum. You also need to pay attention to the fee and commission.

You’ll need to count all the fees charged to decide the domain price. So, you still get the profit after your domain sold.


2. Do not use WHOIS privacy service


Whois is the information data of domain name that can be accessed by the public.

In the Whois data, we can see the registration date, registers data, and also the owner’s data like name, organization, address, email, and phone number.

For certain reason, many domain owners will hide their information by using Whois Privacy Service so others could not see the owner’s data.

In the buying and selling domain names business, it is better not to use the Whois Privacy Service. Just let your contact information be seen by others.

Why? Hiding your contact will decrease your opportunity to get a potential buyer.

If one day someone wants to buy your domain, it is not easy for him/her to find your contact info.

So, do not make it difficult for your prospective buyers. Let your information can be seen by others.

In order to boost your opportunity reaching the prospective buyers, you can make an additional message like “This domain is for sale” in Whois.

You can put it in the Registrant Name or Organization Name. The example is down below.

Whois domain for sale

This will give a sign to the people who see your domain Whois that the domain is for sale. And if they are interested in your domain name, they will give you a call or contact you by email.


3. Create a sales page in the homepage


Sometime people who intend to buy a domain will type the domain name on the browser in order to see if the domain is still available or not.

So, it is highly recommended for you to make an announcement on the homepage that the domain is available for sale. For example: “This Domain Name is for Sale!“.

You also need to put your contact information like email and phone number or also a link that will be directing the user to the marketplace where your domain listed.

When a user accessing your domain address then they will know that they can buy the domain and they will contact you immediately.

A line of “… for sale” will be enough. But for the sake of effectiveness, you can make a sales page on the homepage.

Besides professional looking, you can also add the domain’s value so it will be more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Sales Page for buying and selling domain names

If you master the SEO strategies then you can optimize the sales page for the relevant keyword with your domain name.

Imagine if you have and when you insert the query of “hotel in Jakarta” in the search engine and then your domain show up on the first page.

Besides getting traffic from the search engine for the keyword search, this will be a boosted plus-value for your domain price.

Another profit is that the competitors that hunt the same keyword will see your domain since it appears on the first page of Google search.

When they know the domain is available for sale, they will be more likely interested to buy. Those competitors could be the potential prospective buyers.


4. Post and promote your domain through social media


Do not forget to post your domain name in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more.

One of the most effective ways is by joining the Facebook Group of buying and selling domain names. After you joined the group, you will be able to post your domain names in the group.

If your domain had good SEO metrics and traffic, you can find Facebook Group related to the SEO like guest posting, backlink, or PBN.

You can get it through the Facebook search. Choose the active group that has relevant issues with the group topic.

Before you post, it is better to learn thoroughly about the rules of each group. Spamming is not recommended, you will get blocked by the admin.

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Find Potential End-User Buyers for Your Domain


The best and most effective way in domain flipping is finding the potential buyers for your domain. You can give a direct offer through email or phone for later.

This method will allow you to get the highest price because the prospective buyers are an individual, a company, or an organization that will use the domain for their business, well known as an end-user buyer.

Unlike marketplace, auction or forum, where most of the buyers are domainers just like you who want to get the domain names for reselling.

First of all, you need to make a list of some end-user buyer candidates for your domain.

But how is it? Well, below we have the steps.


1. Same domain name with different extension


If you have a domain with .com extension, for example, then the domain owner of,, etc will be highly interested in yours.

Almost all website owners want the .com extension for their domain since it is the most popular.

But if you have other extensions then you can also offer it to the owner of a domain with .com extension. The opportunity will be better if your domain has plus-values such as high traffic and good SEO metrics.

It is not so rare to find an individual or a company that even though they already have a .com domain they still want to take acquisition their domain with other extensions.

For example, the owner of wants to have to reach the traffic and visitors from the United Kingdom.


2. Similar or related domain name


For example, if you are the owner of, you can make an offer to the owner of similar domains like,,, and many more.

The easiest way is by using the You can find the history of domain name sales along with the price and the date according to the keyword.

 DNPrices domain sales history


3. Google search result


This is the most common way done by the domain flippers.

You need to make the list of keyword that is related to your domain. You can use the Google Keyword Planner or other similar tools.

After that, you can enter the keyword in Google search box and voila!

The search result will show several websites according to the keyword you have entered. Check one by one and choose that will be suitable to be end-user buyers.


4. Google Adwords advertisers


This step is similar to the previous one but you will be targeting the advertisers instead of the owner of the websites that show on the search result.

See the picture below.

Sample of Google Adwords Search

Most of the domain flippers agree that advertisers are the most potential buyers.

If they are willing to spend a lot of money for advertising, it is likely they are also willing to pay your domain for a high price. Especially if your domain has great values that can help the development of their business.

Search engine is not only Google, you can also find advertisers in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.


After you make a list of the potential end-user buyers, find their contact information by visiting their website or check the Whois data one by one. After that, you can make an offer to them through phone or email.

It is important to remember. If you want to make an offer directly by email, it is better to send it one by one.

The system may consider your email as a spam if you send it massively to many people at once.


Additional Tips of Buying and Selling Domain Names


Estimated price of the domain


Before you buy and sell a domain, it is better to do a little research so you can make the estimated price.

You can do that by:

• Using domain appraisals online tools like Estibot or
• Comparing the price of other similar domains by visiting and then enter the relevant keyword
• Asking for the members of domain forum to estimate your domain. You can try Namepros forum.




Do not ever buy a domain name that consists of a trademark. It can cause you get a serious legal issue in the future.


So, now you know about the right steps on how to get great profit by buying and selling domain names or domain flipping.

If this is your first time, it is worth a shot. Starting from now will make your opportunity becomes greater.

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